611 CM
20 FT
236 CM
7.7 FT
Net weight (kg)
1709 Lbs
Boat height
225 CM
7.4 FT
Fuel capacity
25 L
Max HP
90 HP
90 HP
Stem length
Max no. of people
CE category
Aft storing space with lock


Bracket for crab/lobster trap hauler

Cockpit roof hatch

Drivers console with windshield and metal frame

Manual bilge pump

Mooring package

Navigation lights

Self draining

Windshield wiper starbord

Sting 600 Pro HT is the boat for you who fish all year round or transport materials regardless of the seasons. The boat is stable and stable in the sea and with a high freeboard that makes it suitable for fishing and when it gets cold you can take breaks in the warm wheelhouse. With tether attachments both forward and aft, you can rig the boat just the way you want it. You also move easily between the bow and the stern via the door in the wheelhouse or the wide dollboards. There are standard stainless steel gripper rows on the roof that make it easy and safe to move. Sting 600 pro HT is, in short, a perfect boat for year-round use. The area in the bow of the Sting 600 Pro HT is characterized by ample space. The boat is designed to give you good seaworthiness, while giving you the space you need for luggage, fishing equipment or materials. Solid rows provide a safe and good place to pull line, haul pots or stick to when boarding. Here you can also tie fixed ropes you use for fishing. Inside the wheelhouse, the Sting 600 Pro HT is made practical and easy to use. You will also find sockets for charging the phone / tablet if you wish (both USB and 12V sockets). The cockpit also has a skylight and can be equipped with a sunroof for increased visibility or to let in fresh air. Steering position can be equipped with chart plotter / navigation where you can also get echo sounders that make fishing easier. You can also equip the cockpit with extra benches for an increased number of seats. If you want to give your cockpit on the Sting 600 Pro HT more heat, you can order the boat with a canopy wall for the stern of the cockpit. Then you quickly get a nice place for the breaks when you go out to sea in colder periods of the year. The boat comes standard with a wiper on the starboard side so you always have good visibility. On the aft deck of the 600 Pro HT there is also plenty of space, here you can store away crab stones, fishing nets or other fishing equipment, or also luggage for shipping. The battery has a separate space with a hatch and main switch simply placed outside the hatch. The boat can be delivered with a fixed fuel tank or portable fuel tank, these can be found in the center of the boat with access via a hatch in the stern bench. Sting 600 Pro HT can also be equipped with salt water flushing on the deck, if you select this equipment you will find the coupling in the middle of the stern bench directly above the self-draining (directly above the floor). Across the aft you will find a living room for ropes and dredges, as well as a bathing ladder that can be folded out both from the sea and from the boat. Sting 600 Pro HT comes with solid Mercury engines, well adapted to the usage pattern of this type of boat. Contact us for pricing and delivery terms.