611 CM
20 FT
236 CM
7.7 FT
Net weight (kg)
1434 Lbs
Boat height
174 CM
5.7 FT
Fuel capacity
25 L
Max HP
90 HP
90 HP
Stem length
Max no. of people
CE category
Aft storing space with lock


Bracket for crab/lobster trap hauler

Drivers console with windshield and metal frame

Mooring package

Navigation lights

Self draining

Sting 600 PRO is the big sister in the PRO series to our popular bestseller 535 PRO. With a higher freeboard and a larger deck space, longer fishing trips in tougher seas can both be experienced and enjoyed. The boat is spacious and practical with plenty of space and a boat suitable for most things, also for leisure use for a cabin. With attachment points for tails both forwards and aft, the Sting 600 PRO gives the fish-loving the opportunity to rig the boat exactly as they wish. There is also room for two petrol tanks in the spacious living room in the aft bench, which gives you increased security at sea. The bow in Sting 600 Pro is designed to give you good properties in the sea, while you get very good space for luggage, fishing equipment or materials. If you choose to equip the boat with the solid rows, you get a safe and good place to pull line, haul pots or stick to when boarding. In the Cockpit, the Sting 600 Pro is made to be practical to use. The windscreen is large and wide, and gives you protection from the wind on both your legs and upper body. The boat comes with steering console starboard side forward, but can also be delivered with center-mounted console aft, console starboard aft or twin console in front of the boat (all of these as an option). You will also find sockets for charging the phone if you wish. Steering position can be equipped with chart plotter / navigation where you can also get echo sounders that make fishing easier. The seats are good and if you choose the EVA coating in the bow, on the toft by the console and the stern bench, you also get a soft surface to sit on or work on while fishing or transport. There is also plenty of space on the aft deck of the 600 Pro, here you can store away crab stones, fishing nets or other fishing equipment, or also luggage for shipping. The battery is located in a separate hatch and the main power switch is easily located outside this hatch. Sting 600 Pro can be delivered with a fixed fuel tank or portable fuel tank, these can be found in the center of the boat with access via a hatch in the stern bench. The boat can also be equipped with salt water flushing on the stern deck, if you choose this equipment you will find the coupling in the middle of the stern bench just above the self-draining (directly above the floor). Completely aft of the Sting 600 Pro, there is a living room for ropes and dredge (port side), as well as a bathing ladder that can be extended both from the sea and from the boat (also port side). Sting 600 Pro comes with solid Mercury engines, well adapted to the usage pattern of this type of boat. Contact us for pricing and delivery terms.