723 CM
23.7 FT
256 CM
8.4 FT
Net weight (kg)
3407 Lbs
Boat height
288 CM
9.4 FT
Fuel capacity
150 L
40 GAL
Up to
150 HP
150 HP
Stem length
No. of people
CE category

A trusted companion at sea.

It´s a perfect winter day for fishing; sunshine and -20 degrees celcius. The fishing is good, you spend a couple of hours on deck to get your catch on board. Its time for a break, but the weather makes it slightly too cold to take your break outside. You open the door to the cabin and feel the heat wrapping you when you enter your wheelhouse. The heater is on, the coffee is warm. 

This is exactly what the Sting 725 Cabin is all about. A platform for work. A platform for joy. A platform for family and friends. And your trusted companion at sea, regardless of weather.

Powered by Mercury engines, the Sting 725 Pro Cabin is a powerful vessel, with sufficient torque to work with heavy loads and cargo. The 725 Pro Cabin is designed as a semi-planing boat, made so to decrease the "planing threshold". This creates a vessel which is agile and easy to move around, which comes in handy when pulling fishing lines, fishing nets or moving cargo. 

Eye-catching design gives improved driveability.

With its forward-leaning wheelhouse, the Sting 725 Pro Cabin has an aggressive and refined look. The 360 degree windows provides a fantastic overview of what is happening around you, and give you a sensation of control. The wheelhouse is also placed centrally in the boat, giving a peferred center of gravity. This in turn enhances the stability and driveability of the 725 Open Cabin.

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