623 CM
20.4 FT
247 CM
8.1 FT
Net weight (kg)
2051 Lbs
Boat height
170 CM
5.6 FT
Fuel capacity
100 L
27 GAL
Up to
150 HP
150 HP
Stem length
No. of people
CE category
12 V electrical output



Cockpit table

Hydraulic stearing

Manual bilge pump

Mooring package

Navigation lights

Seat covers

Seat cushion set

Self draining

Swimming ladder

Water skiing hook

Sting 610 DC is a practial daycruiser with plenty of space, making sure that the time you spend on the sea is pleasant, easy and enjoyable. With the 610 DC, we have given focus to the space in the cockpit, making use of the wide hull. Inside the cabin, emphasis has been on creating a large enough space for you to take an overnight stay or two. Two of Sting 610 DC's distinct features are the windscreen which is placed closer to the bow enabling more space in the cockpit. Furthermore, the cockpit contains a large and comfortable U-shaped couch with storage space. The couch can easily be transformed into a sunbed and lounge. The bow of the Sting 610 DC is wide and with a practical entrance. The high pulpits give you a good grip when entrying the boat from the pier or seaside, which makes it easier for children and adults to get on board. The hatch in the center of the windscreen enables safe and easy access to the cockpit. In the Cockpit, the driver's seat can be moved and locked both in a horizontal as well as vertical position (the seat can turned 360 degrees). The overview from the drivers seat is good, and you can make us of the extended seat cushion by tilting it up when you need an extra overview of whats happening around you. You also have easy access to engine instrumentation and Fusion stereos. Inside the cabin you will find the light switch on the starboard side of the cabin door. The cabin accommodates two adults for sleeping, or works well as a retrieval space space for children during colder days or when returning at night from longer day trips. The cabin also works well for day trips and it is easy to move luggage in and out of the boat the large cabin door. The U-shaped couch of the cockpit hides three spacious stowing compartments with space for luggage, extra life jackets or other equipment. You open the stowing compartments from the top, and can be opened with and without seat cushions (if you remove the seat cushion, you can open the door to maximum opening). In Sting 610DC you can instal 2 batteries (optional). If you choose this, you get the opportunity of both a starter battery and a consumer battery. This can be of help if you know that you use a lot of electrical equipment (fridge drawer, external cooling box, radio or charging a phone or iPad / tablets). The boat has two large swimming platforms with plenty of space to dry off after a swim and which simplifies mooring or use of an anchor. This is the definite favorite place of the children, with easy access to taking a swim. Beneath the swimming platforms you will find room for an anchor on the port side and a large stowing compartment for ropes on the starboard side. In the stowing compartment room on the starboard side you will also find the fuel cap. The canopy is well covered in the canopy well behind the couch in the aft of the cockpit. You open the canopy cover with two fasteners on the starboard and port side. You can also order your Sting with harbor canopy, which is mounted in few minutes and is a good and practical protection when the boat is docked. Contact us for pricing and delivery terms.