Centre console boat - buyers guide

The archipelago jeep is a popular boat both for day trips and for practical use if you have property by the sea. Many people choose the archipelago jeep as a cabin boat, and it can cover many needs, including for transporting different types of luggage. The open solutions are often a well-liked feature of the archipelago jeeps, and the console solutions often vary with the boat's size and function. In larger archipelago jeeps (6 meters and up) you will in many cases find centered driver consoles, while on smaller archipelago jeeps you often have a driver console placed to starboard to provide maximum space to move from bow to stern on port side.

The passengers who sit on the stern bench in an archipelago jeep are more exposed to wind and weather, for example in a bowrider or day cruiser. The advantage is in return that you can move more freely around the boat. With an open bow, you also have an easier job if you use the boat a lot on island trips, day trips and going to and from piers with practical chores (have a lot of luggage, shopping bags and the like). The archipelago jeep is also a popular boat for use in water sports and fishing, as it is easy to move around and you have a good overview.


Your checklist before buying an archipelago jeep:

Hull design, function and design of the tire: height (preferably test seat before purchase), the windscreen should be high enough to cover you well
Equipment in the archipelago jeep are there well-thought-out practical solutions for luggage and the possibility of social zones in the boat?
Freeboard, rows and pulpits: are freeboards, rows and pulpits adapted to your use of the boat?
CE approval and number of passengers / weight: what is the boat approved for in terms of number of passengers and permitted weight, and is this suitable for your use?


Hull design, function and design of the tire - what you can expect

The archipelago jeeps are often designed to be able to walk easily in the sea and have a low planting threshold.

Position of the console (weight): Position of the console on many boats is centered (often called center console in English) and if the console is placed on the starboard side is often the steering position towards port on this (left). This is to ensure a favorable weight distribution. Take a look at the steering position and ask the seller about the weight distribution when you look at the boat (here again it is important to think about your needs; how much you load, how many people are involved, etc.

Wind protection: here you determine the comfort level

Windscreen and passenger shielding are generally smaller in an archipelago jeep than full windscreen boats (such as day cruisers and bowriders). Still, there are some differences to be traced, and you will not notice this until you sit in the boat and test. Therefore, we recommend testing the driver's position to see how this suits you.

Living space and luggage solutions

Especially in smaller archipelago jeeps, it is smart to take a closer look at the living room and space for luggage. Boats with smart solutions often have a special ability to utilize all cavities and opportunities to provide you with storage options for luggage. The archipelago jeeps are often used as practical cabin boats and then it is nice to be able to store food and other things away from the shopping trip in practical living rooms.

Check how many rooms the boat has available and how big these are. Some boats have consoles and benches that can be tilted up so you have access to a living room with plenty of space. Feel free to also take a look at the loading here, and how easy it is to get your luggage in and out of the living room.

Does the boat you are looking at have a mini cabin? Mini cabs are often found in the driver's console and give you more space for both portable toilet and luggage.

Fender holders: Does the boat have integrated fender holders or smart fender holders that do not take up space? This helps you keep the deck tidy and clean when using the boat.


Equipment in the archipelago jeep - what should you focus on?

Design of bow and foredeck: how practical is the boat

You may want to start with an assessment of what your needs are in terms of both the size of the archipelago jeep and space. Some boats are made with a hull that gives a sharper hull (and thus a slightly narrower design that can provide less space), while others have more focus on good floor space and plenty of room for luggage and people.

You will also find differences in the position of the driver's console, mostly you will find center-mounted consoles or consoles mounted to the starboard side of the boat. Thus, you will experience different ways to pass the console from bow to stern and also the space to do this. If you often have several passengers, it can be good to think about just this, as it should feel good and comfortable to move around in the boat.

Do you want to spend a lot of time in the boat, or do you quickly dock on an islet / island? If you use the boat a lot, it may be worth checking if the archipelago jeep you are looking at has a sun lounger, and what kind of size / function this has.


Access to power and outlets - easy charging of mobile

We usually always have our mobile phone with us when we are at sea, but you do not always remember to charge your phone before the trip. Therefore, it is wise to check if the boat you are looking at has the boat 12V and power outlet? These are the small practical details you will feel when you use the boat, and the location of power outlets adjacent to where you can store your mobile safely and dry will play a role in how you use this.

Some archipelago jeeps can also be supplied with 2 batteries, one for starting and one for consumption. You will experience this as a clear advantage if you use the boat a lot and are often on day trips. In this type of use, you often have the cooling drawer running, the mobile charging and the engine off. An extra battery will then be experienced as a safety and you can use all the boat's functions even when the engine is not running.

Solution for dredge and anchor

The archipelago jeep is often a popular day trip boat for the whole family, and practical when you are going on a quick island trip or dock in a natural harbor. Many also use the opportunity to lie on the sway to enjoy warm days at sea and be able to swim directly from the boat. Thus, it is important that there is a practical and good storage of dredge / anchor aft of the boat. This is especially true of the smallest archipelago jeeps, where there is often a restriction on available space.


Look for the location of the chartplotter and how easy it is to navigate. A tip in the archipelago jeep is to both sit in the driver 's seat and stand at the driver's position when testing. You will quickly see the difference between the different boats you are testing, as the design and function of the windscreens vary, both in height and width.